Shannon Stewart

Painting/Drawing | she/her ︎

We accumulate many memories throughout our lives, yet our recollection of memories is full of imprecisions. Life experiences, personal growth, and changed perceptions lead to the distortion of memories. With this in mind, I turn toward painting to create a visual language of my memories from childhood to the present day. To generate these paintings, I rely on my long-term memory storage of personally experienced events, also known as episodic memory. Each piece serves as a capsule of my past experiences. With no screens or references around me, I transfer these memories confined in my mind to the limited surface of the panel. As I layer the paint wet into wet, I record what I remember and invent what I cannot. This language between recalled and invented space often leads to distortion. These paintings, while absent figures, create a self-portrait embodying my past through the lens of my present self.