Brock Sanford

Printmaking | he/him ︎︎

In a time where discussions about self-driving cars are commonplace, there is even more reason and opportunity to consider the relationship between human and machine. I believe there is a symbiotic relationship in which one fuels and propels the other. Movement speaks to both passion and escape; it activates the imagination, offers an opportunity to pause worldly concerns, and satisfies a desire for adventure. I depict vehicles in place of humans, and as individuals with their own character and expression. These anthropomorphic machines take to the streets, each in pursuit of their personal destiny. As they navigate the highway as a symbolic stage, these figures meet their inevitable fate— wrecked. I use the metaphor of a car crash to allude to considerations of death and our own mortality; constant danger is part of our everyday life. It is comforting to think about tragedy while making my work; it humbles me.