Natalie Resto

Illustration/Animation | she/her ︎

For me, Storytelling is fun, therapeutic, feeds my obsessive attention to detail, while also making others happy in the process. I love pulling rich, colorful narratives and characters of even stronger vibrancy out of the firmament of my imagination with the mere stroke of a pencil. Through animation, I can truly bring these worlds to life, granting my creations humanity, exuberance, and quite simply, the freedom to breathe.

When a bizarre spacecraft lands itself in their backyard, a cautiously optimistic young family rushes aboard to identify a not-so unfamiliar sound coming from inside. This choice will not only change their lives forever, but alter the very fate of the universe as well. Seeds of Change is a hand-drawn, 2D animated short, produced on an iPad using the app Callipeg; and functions as a teaser for the full-length pilot episode of a cartoon series titled Astrotica.