Ava Murphy

Illustration/Animation | she/her ︎︎

This series comes from my widespread love of animals. In today’s commodified world, animals are viewed as means to an end, their bodies exploited for human pleasures like food, clothing, and other products. Animal agriculture and lab testing alone cause over three billion deaths daily. To combat this, I decided to create a printable 2022 calendar for its accessibility and lasting presence.

I favor concept over form in my work. My process is multidisciplinary, but regardless of medium I tend toward simplicity and vibrant color. For this project I took trips to local farms and pet shops to photograph and sketch the animals. I drew the portraits in pen and ink and then collaged them with acrylic ink washes based on my synesthetic color associations for each month. My goal is to celebrate these animals and remind us that they’re just as unique and lively as you or me.