Amanda Michaud

Illustration/Animation | she/her ︎

The Lost Soul takes place in a world where there is The Great Six, a powerful ancient group that has passed down their powers to protect the world from generation to generation. Our main character, Kai, had witnessed her brother’s soul stolen from the evil sorceress, Lady Astra. With her companion, Damian, a Rogue Elf, they begin their journey and head off to Hokona, the City of Flowers, to find the next upcoming Ranger of The Great Six, who is the specialized long-distance fighter, to help Kai get her brother’s soul back.

I’m inspired by the storytelling of Japanese Manga. My work specializes in character creation and world building. My artistic process is a mixture of traditional and digital art techniques. I sketch my pieces by hand, using references to create a dynamic composition. I then carry them into Procreate, adding tone, lighting, texture, and detail.