Megan Lauzon

Painting/Drawing-Printmaking-Sculpture | she/her ︎

My work is about chance. It is not dictated by intricate steps; it is a collaborative effort between myself and the unknown. My work is painted on hand-sewn and collaged surfaces consisting of
pillowcases, sheets, and tarps. The imagery on these surfaces is abstract, and I use it to create fearless and instinctive paintings with the basics of line, form, color, and texture. After the imagery is painted on the malleable surfaces, I resolve the work by folding the fabrics and tarps in on each other so that when it is unfolded, a whole new image is revealed. This is how chance plays a major role in my work.
The moves that I make during this process are based on what changed during the folding, so the ability to be very present and adapt to the work is crucial.