Ode to
the Hobby

Jared Poulsen

Graphic Design
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I believe an important factor in the human experience is the ability to pursue hobbies. Hobbies create purpose by providing healthy objectives to work towards and gain achievement from. In a society where most waking hours are spent providing labor, the freedom to engage in a hobby offers otherwise stolen peace of mind and “play” time. Hobbies are special, prized activities that give a reason to wake up in the morning. They shape individual character and personality. I am interested in investigating human purpose through this form of leisure. By exploring the hobbies of others, I intend to uncover untold stories about purpose and passion to visualize the often discounted importance of hobbies in our everyday lives.

As the Department of Art and Art History’s 2022 BFA class’ time at UConn draws to a close, we look back fondly on the time we spent together and the memories we made along the way. Although we now look forward to our creative futures, we wish to say thank you and farewell to our devoted professors and advisors who’ve worked alongside us throughout these transformative years.