Broken Promises: The U.S Immigration System

Fabrizzio Cedeño

Graphic Design

“Get in line, do it the right way!”

“They’re taking our jobs!”

“Build the wall!”

If you’re not an immigrant in the United States, you may not be as familiar with these “chants” or exclamations that people tend to use to justify their xenophobia and racism. The truth is that most Americans do not comprehend how the immigration system in the United States works. A system that aims to rip families apart. A system that has shattered the dreams and hopes of many. A system on which people’s lives are dependent, and which has failed the vast majority of them. A flawed system to say the least. This project seeks to bring light to this issue through a variety of media, and more importantly to make you understand that this is a problem that affects every single American.

As the Department of Art and Art History’s 2022 BFA class’ time at UConn draws to a close, we look back fondly on the time we spent together and the memories we made along the way. Although we now look forward to our creative futures, we wish to say thank you and farewell to our devoted professors and advisors who’ve worked alongside us throughout these transformative years.