This is Not Normal

Elijah Matthews

Graphic Design

The issue of gun-violence within the Black community is often overlooked. Many of the victims' stories never make headlines, if not the news. Through design, my intention is to bring more awareness to this topic, especially to those who aren’t attuned to it. I Interviewed my uncle who is a legend within the Hartford community known for his violence prevention efforts. I incorporate my personal experience with designing rest in peace shirts at my fathers store for clients who have lost a loved one to gun violence. Until I lost a family member to this issue I never understood how important rest in peace shirts can be within the healing process. To an outsider it is just a commodity but to someone who is grieving it is a priceless item that ties them to their loved one.

As the Department of Art and Art History’s 2022 BFA class’ time at UConn draws to a close, we look back fondly on the time we spent together and the memories we made along the way. Although we now look forward to our creative futures, we wish to say thank you and farewell to our devoted professors and advisors who’ve worked alongside us throughout these transformative years.