Camille Cross

Graphic Design | she/her

My inspiration for this project comes from Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art along with the cat eye looks of Hayden Williams’ fashion illustration. For Night Shift, I worked in black and white with pops of red to help highlight and exaggerate my characters' expressions. Inspired by anime from Hayao Miyazaki, I like to show their facial reactions in many moments as well. Bonds between characters are crucial to me, and connecting them through past traumatic events helps link them together forever. I enjoy adding flirtation and tension between my characters to bring out the intensity of those bonds. I’d like to see how my audience will react to the main character’s actions. Night Shift takes place in future Manhattan, where the assassin Veronica vows to complete her last assignment, Mr. Silver, however this man looks similar to someone important from her past, can she still take him down?