Tash Archibald

Illustration/Animation | she/her

Making people happy is important to me. I saw that I can use my artistic talents to do so. I love being able to create. I also love being able to make my crazy, goofy, childlike imagination come to life. I chose an assemblage, because I wanted to explore creating more than through Illustrations. I also enjoy celebrating different holidays. I decided to create a calendar themed assemblage based on holidays, seasons, and the special events that are within that month. The assemblage is created by collecting or making objects that represent each month. Reusing old cardboard boxes, I cut out the letters and glue them; making them 3D along with painting them specific colors to make them pop out. Lastly, I photograph and through photoshop edit the letters over the background. I wanted to create a fun, playful project as a way to bring happiness all year long.