People over Profit: Living for Health Justice

Amara Khaled

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The average amount Americans spend out-of-pocket for health costs per year as of 2020. This includes insurance, prescriptions, and medical supplies. Those whose financial or other resources are limited, need to regularly choose between complex alternatives.

Amid a global pandemic, accessibility to public health needs and resources have become more important than ever. What if instead of focusing on making healthcare profit-centered, we considered ways to make it more people-centered? This requires understanding the backgrounds and needs of each individual.

By collectively visualizing data and narrative, People over Profit: Living for Health Justice is a reflective piece, helping individuals become aware of the darker sides of the United States healthcare system, and consider the factors that can contribute to one’s inaccessibility to something that should be a basic human right.

As the Department of Art and Art History’s 2022 BFA class’ time at UConn draws to a close, we look back fondly on the time we spent together and the memories we made along the way. Although we now look forward to our creative futures, we wish to say thank you and farewell to our devoted professors and advisors who’ve worked alongside us throughout these transformative years.