My Reflections of Light

Alexandra Szabo

Graphic Design

This project is an interpretation of light as how I see it in our world and in my everyday life. Whether it be communicating what light means to me, through booklets, photography, a video, playing with what light can do, or creating reflections by using multiple sources of light and objects. This is how I want to express my idea of the meaning of Light.

Using a dark room to emphasize light and how it can be visualized can bring an emotional aspect to my project. Darkness can be scary, uncomfortable and mysterious. Because darkness is the absence of light, you can feel blinded and unsure, but seeing the light in a dark space shows a sense of life, hope and guidance. Therefore, I combine this contrast of light and darkness in my video and booklets to express this. If I portrayed light on display without a sense of darkness, I would not be able to get the same effect of what I am trying to express to the audience. Showing light in the darkness emphasizes contrast, along with adding color and reflections can also evoke a mood and feeling.

Light can have so many meanings, depending on the person. But, this is how I see it. It is my reflection on Light.

As the Department of Art and Art History’s 2022 BFA class’ time at UConn draws to a close, we look back fondly on the time we spent together and the memories we made along the way. Although we now look forward to our creative futures, we wish to say thank you and farewell to our devoted professors and advisors who’ve worked alongside us throughout these transformative years.